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3D Printer by Noitavonne


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Turn Your Computer Drawn 3d Models Into Reality With Noitavonne's 3d Printer. It's Ideal For Both Home And Office Use; For Hobbyists And Professionals Alike. The Printer Supports Both Pla And Abs 1.75 Mm Filaments. Also, There Is Not A Quality 3d Printer On The Market That Contains A Large Volume Build At This Price Point. Plus, With It's Sleek Design It Will Good Where Ever It Is Placed!

3D Printer by Noitavonne Specifications

Build Volume 11x8x8 Inch Build Volume for Larger Prints
Print Resolution Hi-definition .1mm Print Resolution
Printing Speed Fast Printing at up to 200mm/s
Filament Support Supports PLA and ABS 1.75mm Filaments
Printing Support Supports Both USB Connection to Computer and Offline SD Card Printing
Power Supply DC 24V Power Supply
OS Support Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10, Mac
Includes Tool Kit, Software, User
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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